Overstrike for iOS

Why not do it the easiest way?

Struggling with organizing your tasks? Have you downloaded multiple apps just to realise that they are too complicated, include adds or require logging in before you can use them?

Overstrike is a simple and user-friendly app designed to help you manage your lists and tasks. If you want to organise your tasks, use a simple shopping list or create a packing checklist for your Thailand vacation, Overstrike won’t disappoint you.



 Key Features

  • Clean and beautiful design – keep your focus on the most important things

  • Easy to use

  • Quick to make long lists

  • Set reminders and due dates

  • Customize appearance

  • Sort

  • Share lists

  • Import text

    • e.g. Copy recipe ingredients from website and add them to your shopping list with just a few clicks.



I’m a university student with a passion for programming. My goal is to create personal apps with supreme user experience. Overstrike is my first application available in the App Store. My dream is to have a own development business one day.